History Mentions

At Miguel Miranda Bookshop we work with a single goal in mind: professionalism. We are also customers, and we fully understand the disappointment and the bad experience that can result from a purchase that has not lived up to expectations. As far as possible, we aim to avoid disappointing our customers. This is why we strive to offer a service that befits a serious business with such a long track record, in keeping with our Code of Conduct, or Deontology, which you can see below.

Our bibliographic record files are based on official library and information science standards and offer full information about the books we sell. You will not find incomprehensible codes, modified information or major omissions, unless they have gone unnoticed. We do not offer excessive or superfluous information that is not of relevance to the work itself. Of course, all of our books have had previous owners, but if there are major defects we describe them in detail or, at times, to excess. We do not sell a single tome of a work published in several volumes, unless we give specific information to the contrary. Our aim is for our customers to have the fullest possible idea of their purchase, with no unpleasant surprises.

We know how frustrating it is to find the book you have been looking for, only to discover that it has been sold, or, what is even worse, when a book is listed for months in databases as on sale when you know it is unavailable. This is why we update often. There may be a book that was sold some time ago and not entered into the system, or there may have been several simultaneous orders of a particular book within a few hours, which makes it is impossible to ensure 100% availability. But we try.

We usually only have one copy of each book, but occasionally there may be two, three or more. If this is the case, whenever there is no difference in price due to book condition, we will always choose the best copy for you, as if you were there to choose it yourself. That is what we would like for ourselves and so it is what we do as sellers. We also restore and clean books up as far as possible before dispatch, with the same care and attention as if it were for us.

When we receive an order and have to dispatch it to a customer, we first shrink wrap the books to keep them safe from dust and scratches, and to compress them and stop them falling apart; we then pack the books so that they will not be damaged when shipped. We like to think that a book will not reach its destination with damage incurred during transport and, although this does not directly depend on us, we do everything possible to avoid it.

We have agreements with several agencies, which means we can always offer our customers the best possible courier service, one that is quick, inexpensive and, of course, registered. As a general rule, once an order has been confirmed, home delivery in Spain is within 24-48 hours (ask for islands). As long as the costs are not prohibitive, we also use couriers for foreign destinations with delivery in few days, or in any case registered airmail.